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Recover from Brain Injuries with Physical Therapy

New techniques are great for treating neurodeficiencies, including problems at birth, disorders and traumatic injuries. Sadly, physical therapists who use these principles can be difficult to find. The increasingly popular method is known as neurodevelopmental therapy, or NDT.

Foundationally, Neurodevelopmental Therapy is a way to look at problems on a targeted, individual level. Physical therapists use hands-on exercises and the latest machines to teach activities. For instance, consider the case of a boy with special needs who is unable to stand due to the problem might choose a series of small goals. One would probably be lifting the feet slightly using the patient's own muscles. The pediatric physical therapist would guide the child hands-on.

An important part of this Neurodevelopmental Therapy method is patient goal-setting. For children with special needs, Mom and Dad may set the goals. For adults dealing with issues like stroke or TIB, the goal might be learning to reach above the head without support. Elite physical therapists who have used these techniques say that the patient's view of their own treatment makes a huge difference in their healing processes.

Beyond the intuitive sense that it works, Neurodevelopmental Therapy truly works. Patients might need less help and fewer devices while achieving an improvement in proper positioning. Improvement is possible in speech, eating, movement and other occupational therapy tasks.

For kids with disabilities, physical therapists can use Neurodevelopmental Therapy to help them be less dependent. They can learn to bear their own weight, maneuver stairs, or even crawl or stand. The best pediatric physical therapists believe that some degree of improvement is possible for almost everyone, even if they have lifelong conditions such as cerebral palsy.

The scientific research about Neurodevelopmental Therapy isn't very extensive, but the topic isn't really being challenged. Many of the studies have been done on small groups of patients, so aren't widely generalizable. But the ideas are pretty commonsense and a growing number of physical therapists for children and other specialists are starting to use it.

If you need help with mobility, function or even speech and language, consider finding a asperger syndrome San Diego, CA expert for a few sessions.

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