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What Ophthalmologists Do

Being able to see clearly is a gift that many of rarely think about. Our vision lets us see the beautiful world around us and accurately manage the diverse tasks that we complete at home and work. But no one's ability to see will remain top-notch for their entire life. This is why eye doctors are necessary, as they can help with many types of ailments that relate to the eye. Below is one specific example:


Cataracts affect over 22 million people and are the most common cause of blindness in the country. In fact, over 50% of the people over the age of 80 in the United States deal with this ailment. Cataracts cause major problems with people trying to read, drive, notice colors, deal with glare, and recognize faces. Eye doctors can treat these cataracts with effective procedures.

To accurately treat cataracts, there are many kinds of surgery that can be performed. In a nutshell, cataract surgery removes the eye's natural lens that has developed the cloudy nature typical of a cataract. It is then replaced with a synthetic lens. Cataract surgery has a success rate of over 90% in restoring vision. To find out if cataract surgery can help with the problems that you have, talk to an eye doctor at your earliest convenience.

The choice to look into eye specialist murray ut can have major benefits down the road. Early detection can save you money and future pain, so don't wait around to talk to an eye doctor. Talk to a skilled eye doctor now to find out more about cataracts, Lasik, glasses, and much more.

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