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A Workplace Injury Doesn't Need to Set You Back How to Avoid Missing Out on Pay

workers comp lawyer Norcross GA wasn't something I pondered about until I had my very first occupational injury a month ago. I was taking inventory of the warehouse when it happened. Someone in the opposite lane was using a forklift to place a pallet, and in doing so knocked a box of DVD's off the ledge. The box crashed into my left shoulder. The jolt hurled me to the ground hard. Right when I collided with the ground I discerned something was terribly wrong. The agony was sudden and acute. But my thoughts were elsewhere, because as a person without health care I didn't think I'd be able to afford health care if my company figured out some method to avoid paying medical costs for my newly dislocated shoulder. You can see I've never trusted upper-management. Luckily, that wouldn't be a problem. As it turned out, my employer had wisely bought workman's compensation insurance. So basically I had no reason to worry. My hospital bills were already on their way to being paid. And the greatest part about being covered was the workman comp company compensated me for lost hours because of my injury.

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